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Whether your organization faces the challenge of developing a compelling go-to market strategy, improving operational processes, securing licenses and ensuring compliance, projecting sustainability and growth, or in need of an industry-credible expert to drive progress for a single focused project or one that involves the entire organization, we bring our suite of services along with hands-on, practical and innovative focus to help you quickly succeed.



Through 25 years of experience, we have discovered that although our clients face common core challenges, each project requires an individualized approach. Our expertise lies in discovering those finite details of each organization and leveraging our wide client experience and providing the solutions that overcome those challenges.

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At W-Squared, we take pride in the fact that we partner with our clients to develop synergy that contributes to plotting effective business strategies that endorse successful business methodologies and pathways.  

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
― Benjamin Franklin

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We ease our clients' concerns and contribute to maintaining compliance with licensing agencies' governance. We provide constant monitoring of licensure and compliance requirements of local, state, and federal agencies. so you can focus on what you do best.

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Through client-focused services, we first listen to understand, develop a roadmap of desired outcomes and begin designing the plan, we then leverage our industry resources, and swiftly begin to implement and execute the most suited cost-effective solutions to deliver on your core business goals.

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And He answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”
Luke 10:27

“I believe, what hurts one person, hurts us all and what helps one person, helps us all. I believe in being a good neighbor.”


I began my career with the passion and personal duty to support rural communities in providing quality healthcare to their residents. Although my clients face core industry challenges just like urban providers, most lack support, funding, and resources needed to sustain facilities in those areas.

The importance of providing care for the people of these communities is something I have taken on as both my personal purpose and professional mission. With the rise in numbers of our aging population, there has never been a more crucial time to support rural health organizations expanding their reach and creating sustainable futures.

I recognize the immense need for support that is crucial to these organizations and serve to not only help them sustain; but THRIVE so they, in turn, can help our communities thrive. 


By encouraging collaborative engagement, our team can effectively partner with our clients to strategically identify objectives that maximize organizational need and result in optimal outcomes.



“Yvette Windham of W-Squared Consulting and Implementation is the absolute best administrative process consultant I know. Whether it’s licensure or certification or CMS, she knows the process and is relentless in ensuring timely action is taken on applications by the regulating body."

H. Clark, Esq., Clark Business & Health Law

“Yvette is a beam of light and power for change! She helped me map my vision to serve military spouses and literally walked me through step-by-step how to get it done. Her breadth of knowledge and passion for helping others was clear from the first time we met and in every call forward. Thank you, Yvette, for everything you do and everything you are!” 

Jacqueline S.,
Virginia Beach, VA

“Yvette has the ability to simplify complex concepts and offered valuable insight to developing new revue streams in the alternative health care industry."

Raquel G.,
Spring Hill, TN

“This consultant, while stern with regulators, has the ability to ease the temperament of her clients while simultaneously outline a strategic road map. Not only does she know her stuff, but she also helps you know yours!”

R. El, Chicago, IL

“While I was familiar with Ms. Windham’s professional demeanor and her ability to effectively communicate with members of the c-suite, as a client, I experienced observing her successfully manage stressful federal and state governing agency conversations that yielded favorable outcomes. Forever grateful!” 

M. Williams, Prescott, AZ

“I am honored to have W-Squared Consulting and Implementation on my client roster. In my capacity as a financial consultant to Yvette and her organization, I remember hearing her vision. As a prudent business owner who is intentional in her pursuit of “chasing purpose and not profit”, I am excited to witness the manifestation of her idea take form as it was birthed from a heart to serve.”

 D. Anifowoshe, CPA

“A diligent achiever with the willingness to go the extra mile for her clients, Ms. Windham has a way of explaining dense subject matter in layman terms to ensure that her clients are able to clearly define objectives. Yes, to W-Squared Consulting and Implementation.”

D.W., Dallas, TX

“Definitely want W-Squared Consulting as a team member when meeting the deadline is a must.”

C. Sims, Chicago, IL

"W-Squared Consulting is my vendor of choice when I need project support for high-value clients. Yvette is focused, dedicated, and absolutely thorough. Her warm personality and easygoing nature make her a tremendous asset when conducting interviews for investigations or trying to negotiate complex matters with regulators. It is always a pleasure to work with her. I would not hesitate to engage her again or recommend W2 to others."

C.M. Jacobs, Esq., Pharos Healthcare Consulting

“Yvette is a person you need to know. She is invaluable because of her knowledge and her ability to create a good relationship with the most difficult government agencies.”

Juanita R.,
The Romans Group

“W-Squared Consulting is a valued resource for our organization and our vendor of choice when managing hospital facility licensure. We appreciate all you do for ERH.”


"Simplified navigating the health care licensure process."

P. Wynn,
ERH Shared Services

"I do not know what I would do without Yvette’s business development proficiency. Six years ago, I decided I wanted to become an entrepreneur. However, by the middle of 2020, I had three separate lines of business. I could not figure out where to begin in merging two businesses and ensuring that one remains separate to meet compliance for the licenses associated with it. I spoke to Yvette and she calmly guided me through every step of how to (1) rename my LLC and remove the DBA associated at the State Level, (2) what I needed to do to notify the IRS, and (3) how to communicate these changes to my bank and credit card companies. She was quick and savvy in helping me to determine how to achieve my goal infusing the blended goals of my consulting business, yet keep them separate to meet compliance for my insurance licenses. She is the ultimate relator as she easily connects to others, and her intellection on topics is endless because she is a self-motivated learner. She willing loves to help others to achieve their goals. All that to say, she is an asset to anyone who works with her."

K. Ford, Transparent Caregiving Strategies

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